Accidental Death

Experienced Accidental Death Claims Attorneys in Indianapolis, Indiana

Accidental death insurance coverage purchased through an employer is meant to provide financial support in the event that your loved one dies as the result of an accident. If the insurance company denies your claim, saying that the death was not accidental, you need an attorney ready to fight for you.

At the O'Ryan Law Firm, we have experience helping grieving family members get the accidental death insurance benefits they paid for. Attorney Bridget O'Ryan has worked in the insurance industry and knows the tricks they use to deny claims. They may try to deny your claim for reasons such as intoxication or a pre-existing illness, reasons that are not supported by the facts or policy.

We Will Fight for Your Accidental Death Insurance Benefits

To show that your loved one's wrongful death was caused by an accident and not an illness or other conditions, we will use our network of experts to fight for your benefits. Our insurance attorneys have experience working with coroners, surgeons and treating physicians to confirm that the cause of death was accidental. Photographs, witness statements and family member accounts can help to show the death was caused by a fatal accident.

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