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Knowledgeable ERISA Attorneys in Indianapolis, Indiana

At the O'Ryan Law Firm, we help people secure disability benefits governed by ERISA law (the Employee Retirement Income Security Act) as well as personal disability insurance policies. If you are filing an initial application or have already received a letter of denial from your insurance company and are looking to appeal, we can help you seek a favorable outcome.

Making the Most of Your Claim

At O'Ryan Law Firm, we help people secure health insurance, life insurance, and long term disability and short term disability benefits that are protected by ERISA law as well as individual disability insurance. When meeting with one of our experienced ERISA attorneys, it is important to have critical information gathered, so we can help you evaluate your claim. You may need to obtain:

  • A copy of the insurance policy
  • Medical records pertaining to your disability
  • The letter denying your benefits
  • A statement from your physician

A careful review of your policy will allow us to understand what your insurer defines as "disabled" under your plan and your plan's summary plan description. A close inspection of your medical records and reports from your treating physician will help us determine whether you fit that definition. Our Indianapolis attorneys know how to strengthen claims so that you have a good chance at obtaining the benefits you need.

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