What is ERISA Law?

ERISA does not require employers to establish an employee benefit plan or to provide employees with specific disability or health insurance coverage. However, for employers who establish employee benefit plans, including disability plans, ERISA requires these employers to meet certain minimum standards and if those standards are violated then there is potential liability for the employer under ERISA. One of the best things about ERISA is that it requires employers to regularly provide employees with information about their benefits including specific information about disability plan features such as how much an employee will receive in monthly disability income benefits and the specific requirements for receiving disability benefits. Also, ERISA holds plan fiduciaries, such as insurance companies, accountable for their actions and gives employees the right to sue for benefits if their benefits are wrongfully denied.

If an insurance company has denied your initial insurance claim and denied your appeal, you still have a chance to receive the benefits you need and deserve. At the O'Ryan Law Firm, we help people through all stages of the process of securing insurance benefits, including litigation. We are one of the few law firms in Indiana that is focused on ERISA law.

We Will Stand Up for You

At the O'Ryan Law Firm, we are fully equipped to help our clients with all aspects of ERISA litigation. Our clients are people who need insurance benefits and have been denied them by insurance companies. They appreciate that:

  • We have comprehensive knowledge of ERISA law
  • We have extensive federal courtroom experience
  • We have knowledge of the inner workings of the insurance industry

It is important to understand that before you can engage in ERISA litigation, you must first file an appeal and exhaust all administrative procedures under the insurance policy. Our experienced attorneys are adept at guiding clients through the complex process of securing insurance benefits, including the initial claim evaluation, an appeal and litigation. We have a long track record of success securing benefits for our clients.

Has your insurance company unfairly denied your disability benefits or your insurance claim? Contact an experienced Indiana insurance lawyer online or by phone at 317.255.1000 for a free consultation.

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