Individual Disability Insurance

Seeking relief for individual disability insurance holders

If you are not covered under an employer-provided disability benefit plan, you may have individual disability insurance. This policy is something that you relied on to pay your bills if an injury or illness prevented you from working. But what if your insurance benefits are denied?

At the O'Ryan Law Firm, we help you obtain the individual disability insurance benefits you are entitled to receive. These benefits are protected under state laws and require in-depth knowledge of Indiana statutes and case law in regard to insurance benefit coverage. Our attorneys have this knowledge and are fully prepared to help you seek the benefits you deserve.

Good News for Individual Insurance Holders

State laws provide broad protections for individual disability insurance holders as well as private health insurance holders. Unlike ERISA statutes, state laws allow for jury trials as well as the potential to receive punitive damages from insurance companies who act in bad faith. This difference has allowed our insurance lawyers to win large settlements for clients who had been denied individual disability insurance benefits.

We Will Fight For Your Benefits

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