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Johnson County, Franklin Indiana Disability Attorneys

Johnson County was formed in 1823 and named after John Johnson, a Judge of the Indiana Supreme Court.  Franklin Indiana serves as the county seat and was famous during the 1920s for the outstanding athletic achievements of high school basketball team who became known as the “Franklin Wonder Five” let by Fuzzy Vandivier and coached by Ernest Wagner. They became the first high school team to win the state championship three straight years.  The team followed Coach Wagner to Franklin College and earned the title of 1923 National College Champions. 


Amity Indiana, a small town located outside of Franklin Indiana, has two interesting road-side destinations.   First, “Big John” one of the world’s largest rocking chairs, as recognized by Guinness Book of World Records, and is located next to a furniture store.  “Big John” measures 32 feet tall and was built in 2004.  Another attraction is “the grave between the road”.  The grave is the resting place of Nancy Kerlin Barnett, a farmer’s wife, who was buried in a cemetery that was re-located in 1934 to make room for a road.  It is said that her grandson protected her grave, during the relocation, by staying at her graveside with a shotgun while the county removed the other graves.  The gravesite has been renovated several times, with the most recent being in 2016, to provide continued safety measures to drivers.

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability

O’Ryan Law Firm specializes mainly on short and long-term disability claims, representing policyholders across Indiana as well as out of state.  We understand the emotional and physical challenges in pursuing a disability claim.  If you have a claim that has been wrongfully denied, terminated or need help with filing a disability claim, O’Ryan Law Firm can help you in enforcing your rights under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) or state law.  We work to resolve cases as quickly as possible because we understand the need to avoid financial devastation.  

Life Insurance

When you purchase a life insurance policy, you should be secured of the financial help you need when a loved one passes away. If you are a beneficiary and the insurance company is denying your claim, O’Ryan Law Firm can help. Bridget O'Ryan, is skilled with the workings of the insurance industry and will fight to collect the benefits.

If you have been denied long term disability, short term disability, medical coverage, or life insurance benefits we can answer all your questions. O’Ryan Law Firm offers a free initial consultation. Contact O’Ryan Law firm either online or by phone at (317) 255-1000.

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