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Has your life insurance company denied your claim?

A life insurance policy is supposed to provide you with financial help when your loved one passes away. If you have lost a loved one and the insurance company is denying your claim, turn to an adept life insurance lawyer for help.

At the O'Ryan Law Firm, we can help you find answers to these troubling questions. Employer-provided life insurance policies are governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). We are one of the few law firms in Indiana that is focused on ERISA law.

We Will Fight for Your Life Insurance Benefits

Our attorneys are well-versed in all aspects of life insurance policies, claims governed by ERISA, appeals and litigation. One of our firm's attorneys, Bridget O'Ryan, has worked inside the insurance industry and knows the tricks and tactics an insurer will use to try to keep you from getting the benefits you need and deserve. Common arguments they put forth include:

  • The coverage lapsed
  • The death was not accidental
  • There was a change in beneficiary

We have tools at our disposal such as forensic experts, pathologists and private investigators to demonstrate that the insurance company's allegations are false and you truly are entitled to the life insurance coverage your loved one set aside for you. We have successfully represented clients who have long term disability policies with Hartford, Unum, and other insurance companies.

Has your insurance company unfairly denied your insurance claim? Contact an experienced Indiana insurance lawyer online or by phone at 317.255.1000 for a free consultation. Contact Us

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