Long Term Disability

Have your long term disability benefits been denied?

Are you disabled and unable to work? Do you need to make a claim for disability benefits under an employer-provided insurance program? Has the insurance company denied your claim, telling you that you are not disabled, or that you are well enough to return to work?

At O'Ryan Law Firm, we help you obtain the long term disability benefits you need and deserve. Employer-provided disability benefits are protected under long term disability laws called the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). We are one of the few long term disability lawyers in Indiana that focuses on ERISA claims.

Denial of Long Term Disability Benefits

If you become disabled you should file a cliam for long term disability benefits through your employer-sponsored insurance program. However, the insurance company may attempt to deny benefits by claiming that you are not disabled as defined by their policy.

We see the following insurance companies in many of our long term disability cases: Cigna, Hartford, Prudential, Unum, Life Insurance Company of North America.

The insurance company will have their in-house physician look at your file to provide evidence that you are able to perform your normal work duties. They may hire private detectives to follow you around and videotape you when you leave your home. They may even resort to bad faith practices to keep you from getting your benefits.

We Will Stand Up for Your Rights

At the O'Ryan Law Firm, we counter these strategies by presenting our own compelling evidence on behalf of our clients. We understand that the vast majority of our clients are hard working people who would be happy to work, if only their disability were not holding them back from doing so.

If your long term disability benefits are being denied, we will argue that the insurance company made a mistake in denying your claim. We will present testimony from your treating physician and present medical records that show you are being treated for a long term disability that prevents you from returning to work.

If they are unwilling to accept our arguments, we will appeal your claim or engage in ERISA litigation to ensure you receive the long term disability benefits you need.

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