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Monroe County was named after the then sitting President of the United States, James Monroe. Bloomington, the County Seat, is home of the largest campus of Indiana University. Established in 1820, IU Bloomington has approximately 40,000 students and is the original and largest campus of Indiana University. In the 1991 book entitled The Campus as a Work of Art, author Thomas Gaines named the Bloomington campus one of the five most beautiful in America. Bloomington, Indiana is known as the "Gateway to Scenic Southern Indiana."

Indiana University was also the site of the Academy Award Winning movie, “Breaking Away,” featuring a story about the university’s annual bicycle race, the Little 500, named after the famed international auto race, The Indianapolis 500. IU holds 5 national basketball championship titles. Monroe County natives of note include singer John Mellencamp, violinist Joshua Bell, and composer Hoagy Carmichael. The daughter of one of our staff members, Mallory Essig, was named “Miss Indiana University” in 2013.

If you are a Bloomington or Monroe County resident and are dealing with serious health issues, you may have filed for disability benefits and been denied or you received benefits for a period of time and those benefits were prematurely terminated. We have represented several residents of Bloomington and Monroe County in disability claims involving Standard Insurance Company, Lincoln National, Cigna and Unum. Several of those clients have included employees of Indiana University who became disabled due to illness or injury and their disability benefits were denied.

Long Term Disability

The O’Ryan Law Firm focuses mainly on long term disability claims, representing individuals across the State of Indiana including Bloomington.  We understand the challenges and frustrations in pursuing a disability claim especially when your health is compromised and you suffer from chronic pain and fatigue.  We also understand insurance companies and how they operate and the tactics that they use to deny claims such as hiring doctors, who never examine you, to review your records and conclude that you are not disabled.  If you have a claim that has been wrongfully denied, O’Ryan Law Firm can assist you in enforcing your rights under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) or state law.  Without a lawyer, this can be a tiring and confusing process.   We try to resolve cases as quickly as possible because we understand that you need your disability benefits to pay your mortgage and other bills.

Social Security Disability Income

When you are unable to work because of a disabling condition, even if you are applying for or appealing disability benefits from your insurance carrier, you may still be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. We will make sure you understand every part of the process involved when you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits. When O’Ryan Law Firm represents you in your Social Security Disability claim, we can help you navigate this confusing and complicated process.

If you are a resident of Bloomington or Monroe County and have been denied long term disability, short term disability, or Social Security Disability benefits we can answer all of your questions. There is no charge for a free initial consultation. Contact O’Ryan Law firm either online or by phone toll free at (855) 778-5055.

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