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Perry County was formed on November 1, 1814 just 2 years prior to the state of Indiana being admitted to the Union and named for Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry who defeated the British squadron in the Battle of Lake Erie (1813).  Perry County became a focal point for settlers, in its early years, due to its location next to the Ohio River and the ease of obtaining supplies and the beauty of the area.  The county seat of Perry is Tell City. 

Tell City’s existence came from an 1856 meeting in Cincinnati Ohio where a group of Swiss-German immigrants met to organize a society known as the “Swiss Colonization Society”.  The Society’s purpose was to obtain affordable homesteads, in an area with fertile soil, good water, ample timber and access to a river and railroad system, for factory workers, farmers, mechanics, and shopkeepers in a location where they could live in harmony.  The Society purchased Tell City in July 1857.  Initially called Helvetia, it was renamed Tell City named after the legendary Swiss hero and liberator, William Tell, who it is said shot an apple off his son’s head with an arrow.

The steamboat “TELL CITY” was built in 1889 and named after Tell City.  It was used to carry passengers and freight on the Ohio River until he sank in April of 1917 near Little Hocking, Ohio.  The pilothouse survived the sinking and is the oldest remaining steamboat pilothouse. 

 Long Term Disability

O’Ryan Law Firm focuses mainly on long term disability claims, representing policyholders across Indiana.  We understand the challenges and frustrations in pursuing a disability claim.  We also understand insurance companies and how they operate.  If you have a claim that has been wrongfully denied, O’Ryan Law Firm can assist you in enforcing your rights under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) or state law.  Without a lawyer, this can be a tiring and confusing process.   We try to resolve cases as quickly as possible because we understand that you need the money quickly to help with medical bills and lost income.  

Life Insurance

When you purchase a life insurance policy, you should be assured of the financial help you need when a loved one passes away. If you have lost a loved one and the insurance company is denying your claim, O’Ryan Law Firm can help. Bridget O'Ryan, is familiar with how the insurance industry will try to keep you from getting the benefits you need and deserve. Some insurance companies may claim that the coverage had lapsed, the death was not accidental, or that there was a change in the beneficiary. O’Ryan Law Firm utilizes forensic experts, pathologists and private investigators to prove that the insurance company's allegations are false and you are entitled to the life insurance benefits your loved one provided for your protection.

If you have been denied long term disability, short term disability, medical coverage, life insurance benefits, or Social Security Disability benefits we can answer all your questions. There is no charge for a free initial consultation. Contact O’Ryan Law firm either online or by phone at (317) 255-1000

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